Paid Acquisition

Thinking about the paid acquisition as a way to talk to unfamiliar people at scale. It is an astonishing way to step on the gas once we’ve decided who our users are. There are many places to spend our money to get traffic. We’ll concentrate on the two we think are the most effective when getting started – and Facebook and Google Adwords. There are various dissimilarities between these platforms – but a critical dissimilarity that becomes imperative in choosing where to begin is that Adwords is “search based” and Facebook is “targeting based”.

Are we acquainted enough with our viewers to know what they are in search of? Are adequate of them dynamically searching for it utilizing consistent language? If the response is yes, we’ve got a solid case for initiating with Adwords. We can step right up and present ourselves right when they are very

We’ll assist you to get some serious bang for your business-to-business media budget by Concentrating on the exact channels, viewers, and messages. In actual fact, the paid acquisition is not a way of solving problems that will excitingly put your B2B business on gradual growth.

Should we do paid acquisition together?

These indications suggest that we should actually work together:

  • You work at a B2B business that’s looking to get favorable results through paid acquisition
  • You have an erect understanding of your perfect customer segments, their main pain points, and motivations — OR you’re agreeable to invest in gaining that understanding
  • You have catchy content that entice your ideal customers

User Acquisition Audit
Our paid user acquisition experts will conduct an audit of your paid advertising activities and tech setup to help you know growth opportunities through different channels.

Reporting & Data Visualization

Our BI and problem-solving team in Winnetka will create modified reports to help you track the most imperative KPIs and in-app events. We give transparency through the entire conversion to make informed decisions.

Campaign Setup & Management

We will bring into practice a systematic and walkable approach to Paid UA on advertising channels that give full control and transparency. With Accelerate Media, you always know how you spend your marketing budget.

Inventive Optimization

Our inventive designers will provide exceptional and high-converting inventive assets (posters, interstitials, videos, GIFs, and animatronics) to intensify the performance and conversion rate of your paid promotions while clearly interacting with your value propositions.


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