Our digital PR services can increase your commercial benefits.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an SEO marketing strategy used to enhance a brand's online presence. Our simple definition is to enhance online brand mentions. By strategically securing online placements through media connections, we achieve this goal. Digital PR is different from traditional PR in that it only occurs online. Brand mentions in print publications, radio interviews, and television appearances are given priority in traditional PR. If there is no Do Follow backlink associated with the offer, digital PR devalues it. In other words, digital PR is a service that prioritizes online brand recognition, brand mentions, and external backlinks.

Why is Digital PR important?
In our opinion, Google's algorithm's top ranking factor is digital PR. Why? Considering that Google favors reputable, pertinent external links. Furthermore, according to Google, a "brand" is the hardest thing to influence online which makes us think that Google will use "brand" in algorithm upgrades more and more in the future. External links and brand mentions are both directly impacted by digital PR. Digital PR is therefore one of the best strategies for improving search engine rankings. It's important.

What do you need from us to be effective?

Content, Trust, and Participation.

For many different companies in the past, we have established a brand presence as well as website authority. The best interactions are those when our ability to assess opportunities and take appropriate action is trusted.

Additionally, content. There are a lot of best stories and content that other websites would find interesting. The task of pitching media outlets is undoubtedly greatly facilitated by this. Additional participation There are brief windows of time in digital PR where we may need to submit quote to an outlet or complete a questionnaire. Customers who actively engage in our digital PR activities are frequently the most prosperous.

Our PR team at Media Accelerate can help you in-

Strategic communication

By implementing strategic communication through digital PR, we increase your brand's recognition and reputation.

Press and media relations

We may enhance brand publicity and media relations by posting positive press releases on reputable websites.

Research and data analysis

By using well-researched articles, we can improve landing pages and increase website traffic.

Event management

We promote various events to a brand's or service provider's existing customer base.

Case studies

To develop personalized Digital PR plans for each and every business, we carry out extensive research.

Thought leadership

We use thought leadership to help businesses in creating close relationships with their customers.


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